Sunday, August 2, 2009

Creating Actions - Basics

I am trying to figure out how to save these tuts into pdf for easy printing - once I do I will transfer them :)

I will show you today how to create actions.

First we want to make our Actions palette visible. Click on Window->Actions.

Now we are going to create a new set like this.

Name your set and press OK.

Now we are going to create the actual Action. Click on the little Icon to create a new action and name it.

Use the controls at the bottom to stop if needed - to start recording again press record.

***Now record your action!!!*** I do not know that much about action recording - I have learned everything by trial and error and I have been making my own actions for months to save time while using Photoshop that is how I learned to record them.

After you have recorded your action will need to save it. Press on the top right arrow icon in the Actions palette.

Then click Save Actions and Save :)

And you're done!


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  2. Hi! Congratulations for the tutorials! Very good! Daily monitoring their work and I ask you, if possible, tutorial on how to do styles in PSCS4. Thanks! Kisses

  3. Am i stupid or what .......hihi....i do not really understand.
    In picture no 4 you say "You should see this now" but there is no image on what to see in Photoshop...what do you mean ?


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  5. To Bitte:

    That meant you should see "Set 1" highlighted on your Actions panel.

    If you did not see that - two things - you will have to do it again, or just maybe need to scroll down on your aciton panel (if you have lots)


  6. Great TUT's! Read your comment about making them pdf files. Try Dopdf7. It installs as a printer. If you can send the file to a printer, you can make it a pdf file. Very easy to use. Hope this helps! Nice to be able to give you something for a change!!