Sunday, February 21, 2010

How To Open and Use Actions

Here is a quick tutorial on how to open and use actions in Photoshop.

First you have to download an action - you may get some for free HERE

Ok, Now let's just make sure the actions panel is open. Click on Window->Actions

Now we are going to select the action panel to make sure it is visible

Now we are going to open the desired action. Alternatively you may choose to drag the required actions into your open Photoshop workspace. We are going to use a different method and just go to File->Open and open the action.

Now you should see it at the bottom of your Actions palette highlighted

Now click on the little triangle next to the name to open the set. There is usually one action but sometimes there could be more in a set.

Now select the action and press play at the bottom of the actions panel.

And you are done!!

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