Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Using Styles in Photoshop

I was asked to create this tutorial a few times. There are a few ways to get the styles into your workspace - you may also drag the styles into Photoshop. Here is another way. I am using my free "Pink Love" styles available HERE

Firs off open Photoshop.

Then we are going to open the styles - click on File-> Open

Then we are going to make sure our "Styles Palette" is visible we need to go to Window-> Styles

After making sure it is visible we are just going to select it by clicking on it on the right side of your open Photoshop program

Then you will see your newly installed styles there - if you do not see them just repeat File -> Open step and open your styles - make sure you select the file ending with .asl

Now just create a new file and draw a shape or text to which you would like the styles to be applied to - I have typed PINK LOVE as an example. (These particular styles are for large images so make sure you are working with a large image for best effect)

Now make sure the layer you want the style applied to is selected just click on the desired style and voilĂ  - you're done! You may click on style after style after style to change the look!

Hope you had fun creating!


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  2. What great instructions. I always wondered what to do with styles.